This is for documenting Jurisimprudence and, more importantly, making it searchable. Tags aren't searchable (something tagged with "wank" won't show up in a search for "wank" unless "wank" is somewhere else in the title or body), so we aren't using them. Instead, anything that would be a tag should be put under the link to the Jurisimprudence entry, labeled "Topics:". An example can be seen here. Topics of the law, topics of the wank it came from, names of major participants, cute short quotes, key phrases, or anything else that might be searched for to find the law or the wank it came from--all these are fair game. If it's too long to fit comfortably(ie, explanations, comments on the entry about possible corollaries or alternate names), it should still go under the link to the entry, just not labeled "topics".

  • One law per page. If a law has more than one part but they're all on the same Jurisimprudence entry, it all goes on one page. If a Jurisimprudence entry has two or more laws on it, they go on separate pages here.
* Page titles are the same as the law title, unless the law title has a character that can't go into the title(example, apostrophes can't be in page titles, so I delete them).
  • If a page title is different than the law title(usually because it has an apostrophe in it), the proper law title is at the top of the main part of the page. I figure the law's proper title should be in there somewhere so that it's searchable.
* The text of the law is copied from the Jurisimprudence entry.
  • After the text of the law is a link to the Jurisimprudence entry, the text of the link being the author(s) of the law and the date of the entry. (If you created or helped create a law and your name isn't there, just go ahead and add it to the link.)
* If a law needs explanation/history/quotes from elsewhere/whatever, it should go after the link to the Jurisimprudence entry, to distinguish it from the text of the entry.
  • Correcting spelling is OK, but laws shouldn't be otherwise changed from their original text(including links). "Correcting" spelling from British to American or vice-versa is unnecessary.
  • If there's a mistake in a page title, or there are duplicate pages, contact either lindentreeisle or myself. Same thing if someone's trolling/vandalizing. Same thing for edit wars, except those I'll cheerfully put a link to here for easy pointing-and-mocking. Although, if it gets to be too much the entry may be locked.